Catching Big Fishes in the Hay Day Game

There are numerous games which are very attractive for the players, playing either online or offline. Hay day is such a game which is very popular among players. There are different ways through which you can play this game. One of most important portion of the game is fishing which has to be played at the level 27. You have to repair the fishing boat, you will find the boat near the shore and you have to spend 39,000 coins for the repairing purposes. After you have waited for about three days, you will be ready for fishing.

Heading Down to the River for Fishing

The farmers are deciding to fish in the river meeting the Angus who is taking you through the basics of the fishing. After you have finished the tutorial, Angus is providing you almost 3 fishing lures and you can also go for fishing. The gamers are allowed to fish hunt by the river to check the fishing book. The players of the game can also create the lure that they are using fishing with mere click the lure workbench as well as the selecting the kind of lure that they are requiring to create.

Catching the Fish

There are numerous ways of catching fish and there are also different spots and areas in the Hay day which the farmers can check. You can catch different valuable fish at the cost if you are changing from one fishing spot to another fishing spot. When you have a desire to catch fish from the boat then you can tap and hold the lure and then drag it through the water of the lake by using thehayhack. You can then move the boat slowly and steadily through the water for attracting other fish. By the time the fish is biting the lure, circle is appearing through to start the close. You are required to keep the fish in the circle, you can do so by pulling the line in the direction opposite to that of the fish. You have to remember that by the time you are catching the fish you can collect the rewards from the fishing scrapbook.

Opening the New Fishing Spots

Opening up the new fishing spots is very easy in the Hay Day game. All you need is to obtain the number of the land deeds and then you have to determine the extent of the unopened fishing places. However, you have to reach level 27 before you open new fishing spots.

Top 5 Games and Gifts for Xbox 360

Love it or hate it, the Xbox 360 is here and it is only getting stronger. There are going to be games for all ages in the upcoming months for the 360 and here’s a list of great upcoming 360 games for the year.
• Brutal Legend- Developed by Tim Schafier this game is voiced and stared by Jack Black and takes place in a heavy metal world.

• Fallout 3 Game Of The Year- If you missed out on the biggest open world RPG game for the 360 than now’s your chance to see what all the noise is about, the Game Of The Year Edition will include the DLC missions that gamers have been playing and loving for months.

• Borderlands- This game boasts over 1,000 different weapons customizations and options, players will need of their skills to survive.

• Bakugan – What can you say about this games? Kids who play the card game are excited about this game and so are parents, more than Pokémon actually.

• SpongeBob: Truth or Square – once again it’s up to SpongeBob to save the day. Transform SpongeBob into different weapons, including a hammer swung by Patrick, to defeat enemies and use your trusty spatula along the way.

• Forza 3- Xbox 360s racing game of the year is here and is getting some great reviews, this year Forza takes a turn to tone itself down for noobies but stay extremely realistic for veterans.

• Ben 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attacks- Based of the popular TV show, this game will allow players to transform and fight enemies as any of Bens alien forms.

• DJ Hero- I had a chance to play this game early and I am convinced, DJ Hero is a blast! This game should be owned by any and all music game lovers.

• Tekken 6- One of the best fighting games of the arcade is coming home and it’s ready to take names, Tekken 6 is one of the most critically acclaimed fighters ever

• Band Hero-The rock games may be huge now but that doesn’t mean pop will left high and dry, BandHero will allow players to play pop, country, and rock songs from today’s popular artists.

• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2- This is by far the most highly anticipated game for the Xbox 360, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 brings the fight to new heights in a new single player story campaign and a much needed online multiplayer tweak.

• DragonBall: Raging Blast- Don’t let the name fool you, this is a DragonBall Z game that you have seen a hundred times, the game allows players to fight from the beginning of the original DragonBall Z series, only this time you can play as Vegeta and Broly

• Assassin’s Creed 2- This is another highly anticipated game, this game is a sequel to 2007s Assassins Creed and looks to improve on everything from the combat to how the story unfolds

• LEGO : Rock Band- Have kids and you wish you could rock out with them? Well now you can, Lego: Rock Band takes the Rock Band formula and throws Lego people in the mix for the whole family