Minecraft – PC/Mac Game Review

Minecraft, also known as possibly the most popular and innovative computer games since Pong, was created in 2009. The game caught on and became a worldwide phenomenon in the summer of 2010, when Machinima YouTuber SeaNanners played the game on his channel and commentated over his gameplay. SInce then, the game has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, is regarded as one of the greatest computer games ever made, and, possibly most impressive, is still in Beta.
What it lacks in graphics (which is surely does) as a simple, three dimensional 8-Bit style game, it makes up for in playability. The basic premise of Minecraft is that you spawn in a randomly generate, infinitely sized world. You could be in a desert, a forest, or a snow-covered mountain. Your job is to survive, as well as have as much fun as you can building things. The possibilities of what you can build in Minecraft are literally limitless. With unlimited resources, which you can acquire from organic objects (such as wood or stone to build a house), you have the ability to build anything from a small 3x3x3 house to a massive mansion covering thousands of blocks with different floors and rooms.

To be clear, Minecraft isn’t Sims. In Sims, you can take money that you acquire from working and simply purchase things. In Minecraft, you must literally go out and acquire resources to build whatever structure you so choose.

Now there is also another aspect to Minecraft, and that is enemies. After about minutes of daylight to work on building, the day begins to darken and night ensues. During the night, if you choose to play on any difficulty other than peaceful, creatures such as zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers (big green shafts that explode if they come close enough to you), will spawn with one goal: kill you. The best solution to this problem is stay inside, but that is not always an option. If not, you must fight the creatures with your fist, a sword you built, or a bow and arrow. Skeletons and Zombies will burn during the day if exposed to sunlight, but spiders and creepers will not, meaning that you will have to fight them. Spiders become docile, but creepers are still mean, green, killing machines. Avoid at all costs…or play on peaceful.

Minecraft is fun because it gives you tools to be as creative as you want, and you are only limited by your own creativity. This is my favorite game, and I give it a rating of 10 out of 10.

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