Wii Nintendo Game System Review from the Entire Family

About 3 months ago now my wife and I decided to take the Nintendo leap and purchase a Wii. To get going and make the most of it we decided to get 2 controllers, 2 nun chucks as well as 2 steering wheels (for Mario Kart and other racing games). The games that came with our purchase were Wii Bowling, Wii Golf, Wii Tennis, Wii Baseball, and Wii Boxing. They’re all on one Wii game disk.
Here’s our 1 – 10 ratings on the games.
Wii Bowling = 9
Wii Golf = 7
Wii Tennis = 8
Wii Baseball = 6
Wii Boxing = 7

The game play is pretty good. Characters on the screen move when you do and they move like you do. It’s pretty crazy when you first get going. Some of the games like Wii Boxing where there is very fast action you will notice a missed swing or two. Overall impressive action though.

Make sure you have some room. We have a pretty big living room but when you get a close game of Wii Tennis going it can get pretty crowded pretty fast. I’ve had my Wii Remote over 30 feet away and it still worked so the signal is good.

Overall we are happy with the Nintendo Wii for its cost. It’s not a game system you’ll sit around and play alone too often. However, when company comes over it is always a hit. Another great feature it has is the ability to purchase old Nintendo games and download them to the Wii Counsel. If that’s not enough you can download a web browser and surf the internet. I use the internet browser to load videos on You Tube and watch them on my TV. The counsel allows you to create characters called Mii’s. The design ability is pretty limited but you can make them look somewhat like yourself if you try hard enough. The fun part of that is being yourself when you play against others.

On a scale of 1 – 10 my wife and I would rate the Nintendo Wii an 8. Only reducing the score because it’s just not that fun to play alone after you’ve done it a few times.

We ‘ve purchased a few other games since our original purchase and they have all lived up to the same play action as stated before (Wii mario kart, Wii mario world, Wii my fitness coach). If you’re looking for an active game counsel that will give you something to do with the family and company I would suggest you go out and get a Nintendo Wii today.

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